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Chris Hardwick's @midnight gets a 40-week pick-up, proving that people like the Internet on TV now

As Deadline first reported, Comedy Central’s month-long experiment of allowing Chris Hardwick to crash the network’s late-night block with an Internet-focused game show has proven successful—successful enough for @midnight to get a 40-week pick-up starting early next year. @midnight, which dutifully mixes the art of stand-up comedy with the fact that everyone on Facebook believes they are, in fact, a stand-up comedian, will start its nearly year-long run on January 6, wisely aping the production and distribution model of Comedy Central’s long-standing nighttime properties: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. This will likely all be invalidated when Hardwick just starts Snapchatting the show to its viewers because that’s more or less where our culture is heading anyway, as evinced by the fact that Snapchat can be turned into a verb now.


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