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In a move that seems more perfunctory than it should coming in the eleventh hour, AMC has announced that Nerdist overlord and Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick will indeed hold court over the Breaking Bad live aftershow Talking Bad. That caps a weekend of good news for the Nerdist host, who also announced a co-distribution deal for the Dungeons & Dragons-centric dramedy Zero Charisma at Comic-Con.


Just like the post-zombie recap show, Talking Bad will feature panel discussions with fans, actors, and producers while also taking questions and comments from viewers. Hardwick commented that his new gig is “tonally much different than The Walking Dead,” so he’ll “strive to give Breaking Bad the send off it deserves.” Presumably that means less fanboy hand-wringing, but Hardwick did add that the thinks he got job because of his “unmistakable resemblance to Jesse Pinkman, BITCH.” So, you know, those discussions won’t be that tonally different.

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