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Chris Gethard will endure endless torment, all to boost his video podcast ranking

Beloved raconteur Chris Gethard is no stranger to torture. On his weekly public access show, he once drank a "Milkshake Of Death" composed of the most foul, disgusting ingredients known to man, all stuffed in a blender. Now he's willing to endure a hell of a lot more to get the word out about his show. In a plea last week, he promised fans that if they helped his video podcast defeat all other comedy video podcasts on iTunes, he'd spend Wednesday's show doing algebra with an ice pack in his pants while getting slapped—all while listening to "Gangnam Style" on repeat. Gethard was surprised at how quickly he accomplished that goal, so—in usual Gethard fashion—he's upped the ante. If his show can become the No. 1 video podcast in any category, besting the likes of Bill Maher, he'll increase the torture-o-meter and include some pretty racy stuff, like getting his face painted (without looking in a mirror) before starting his show. Help this man become a veritable Roger Sterling!

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