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Chris Gethard wants his fans to literally carry him to his new show

In what we assume is a longstanding show business tradition that nobody has felt the need to talk about until now, comedian Chris Gethard has decided to let his fans carry him from his home to the studio of his new show on the Fusion network. You know, like, literally. Over the course of four miles (and two bridges), fans of The Chris Gethard Show will be lifting the host, carrying him however long their section is, and then handing him to the next person until they finally make it to his studio—hopefully without Gethard touching the ground. The Chris Gethard Show started on public access, and the whole idea behind this stunt (according to the press release) is that Gethard got to cable “on the backs of his fans—and now he wants to make that statement literal.”

It’s all going down tomorrow morning, and—as of right now—there are still a handful of spots open if you want to join in. All you have to do is figure out if you’re capable of lifting up a guy who weighs “roughly 180 pounds” and then go to this link to sign up for one of the slots. You can even bring friends if you’re concerned about how much comedian weight you’re able to carry. If you end up dropping Gethard, though, please don’t tell anyone you read about this at The A.V. Club. We can’t have people thinking we’re a bunch of weak-armed nerds.


Anyway, here’s a video of Gethard explaining all of this himself:

The Chris Gethard Show will premiere on Fusion on May 28. Also, here’s Gethard appearing The A.V. Club’s game show, Pick A Choice.

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