Balls-out comic Chris Gethard has a new book coming out next week, A Bad Idea I'm About To Do—a collection of stories from Gethard's past that reflect a life lived with the mantra, "Why the hell wouldn't I try this insane thing?" (By the way, it's excellent.) To build buzz for its release, Gethard has taken to YouTube to trash-talk any author his Twitter followers want to see taken down a notch or two, even Anne Frank. And he's doing this in the style of many a video he's made in the past: Shirtless and in his kitchen. Gethard's improvised riffs can all be found on his YouTube page, but the best one is embedded below and completely breaks with the form. See, Gethard started the whole experiment by calling Tim Ferriss' books toast, then placing one of them in a toaster. The result likely explains why Gethard decided to remove his obviously highly flammable shirt: