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Chris Gethard’s video game, Hug-Out, makes everything better

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Chris Gethard is no stranger to neuroses and anxiety. The comedian/TV host/author has often talked about the various problems he’s faced in his own life in coping with difficulties and challenges posed by the world and his own inner demons. So what’s the best way to help others deal with their own worries? Simple—an interactive game in which Gethard expresses sympathy with their concerns before offering a hug to their chosen avatar. Chris Gethard’s Hug-Out is a great way for people to voice their problems and get instant empathetic responses from a pixellated version of the multi-hyphenate performer. It’s also a great way to promote Fusion airing the new season of The Chris Gethard Show.


Users simply hit space and enter what is making them feel anxious. Pixel Gethard then says something supportive or understand before hugging the avatar of the user’s choosing—be it a headless guitarist, a man in a banana outfit, or just a guy dressed for the beach. It’s a deceptively simple yet oddly soothing exercise that does produce some comfort, even in its own preprogrammed way. Those interested can check out the game here.

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