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Screenshot: The Chris Gethard Show (YouTube)

As we make our way through an actual disaster, Chris Gethard—the master of comic disasters—is here to help lighten the mood a bit. The comedian and host of The Chris Gethard Show has invited everyone to join him for a live watch-along of “One Man’s Trash,” the most famous and beloved episode of his show. The episode, known colloquially among fans as the “Dumpster Episode,” featured The League stars and How Did This Get Made? co-hosts Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas—but it wasn’t the special guests that made the episode so, well, special. Sitting in front of a dumpster, Gethard, Scheer, and Mantzoukas all tried to figure out what might be inside of said (fake) dumpster, resulting in a rather hilarious hour that showcased what made The Chris Gethard Show so great.


In 2017, Uproxx published an extensive look at the making of “One Man’s Trash,” including interviews with Gethard, Scheer, and Mantzoukas, as well as members of the writing staff—like comedian Jo Firestone, who can be seen on Aidy Bryant’s Hulu series Shrill. “I see disasters and think they’re the funniest thing in the world,” said Gethard, explaining his affinity for the mishaps that helped define The Chris Gethard Show. “Remember when Ernie Anastos said, ‘Go fuck that chicken’? That’s funnier than any written comedy I’ve ever seen.”

If there’s anyone who can help us laugh through a disaster, it’s Chris Gethard. And if you have nothing better to do tonight at 10 p.m. ET (you probably don’t), the Dumpster Episode is a great way to spend your evening.

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