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The 1960s Milton Bradley board game Mystery Date smacked of the worst kind of superficiality: You played the game hoping for a date that was “dreamy” (guy in tux, skiing instructor) and not a “dud” (slightly sloppy guy wearing a bandana).

The game enjoyed a resurgence in the early 2000s, but modern-day sensibilities didn’t do much to improve the game. Basically, you tracked down clues to help figure out which of the 24 possibilities was destined to be your mystery date. You could even talk to him on the phone!

Well, it turns out there’s one good reason to resurrect the bygone game—one of the 24 hunks, surfer guy Tyler, was portrayed by none other than Marvel’s Chris Evans. Evans previously addressed his turn as Tyler in an Avengers junket interview with entertainment.ie, in which he enthused about the modeling gig. “That was like a big deal to me too at the time,” he said. Don’t believe everything you read on a Mystery Date card though, kids, as Evans admitted, “I hate surfing. Truth’s out.”


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