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Chris Evans keeps playing Captain America IRL

Screenshot: Captain America: Civil War trailer/YouTube

There are probably, hopefully few people who watched Jimmy Kimmel break down earlier this week while talking about how his infant son had to undergo heart surgery just a day after being born, and thought “Clean up your own mess.” But former Congressman and current radio host Joe Walsh was one of them, admonishing the new dad on Twitter for trying to guilt him into having any human decency. It’s not going to work, Kimmel:


A few thousand applauded Walsh for lashing out at a worried dad, but many others took him to task for his own parental failings, let’s say. Kimmel also found a staunch advocate in Chris Evans. The actor, who’s grown increasingly political since donning the stars and stripes to play Captain America, chided Walsh for his “misplaced” anger.

It’s a gentle enough rebuff, but at least Evans is speaking out. We’re now just minutes away from the latest House Republican vote to push through the American Heath Care Act, which would drastically reduce Medicare funding, roll back Medicaid’s expansion, not to mention screw over people with pre-existing conditions. But you know, personal accountability and all that (except for the House Republicans, who have ensured they’re exempt from such things).

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