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Chris Evans aired his brother's dirty, poopy-pants laundry on late night television

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One of the great joys of having siblings is that you have at least one other person who shares your personal history—who can recall stories of growing up that range from touching and funny to just plain gross. This last category, unfortunately for anyone who would prefer not to know about the shit and blood-filled youth of brothers Chris and Scott Evans, often makes up one of the most prominent kind of memories.

The two participated in a segment dubbed “Know Your Bro” during an appearance on last night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While the game started off with softball questions—Chris says Scott would probably be some kind of homicide detective if he wasn’t an actor; they both talk about skipping school—it soon turned into something else entirely as Fallon asked Chris, “What is Scott’s most embarrassing childhood memory?”


Chris, the elder brother, recalls Scott’s childhood “bowel-control issues,” which turned a youthful ski trip into an incident where Scott “pooped his pants,” was cleaned up by their dad, returned to the mountain, then pooped his pants again. Later, he concludes, Scott managed to accomplish the feat for a third time. When Fallon asks Scott, who’s been ensconced in noise-canceling headphones, what he thinks is his most embarrassing memory, poor Scott offers an entirely different story about, well, you know. “I went...I went in my pants,” he says.

Scott also tells the story of being pushed into a coffee table by Chris, cutting open the back of his head so badly that “it was like a murder scene” so, though Scott’s shitty history was the headliner here, Chris doesn’t come out of the whole thing unscathed either.


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