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Chris Elliott's whole family goes nuts in the bonkers trailer for Clara's Ghost

It’s not every day that we come across a trailer quite as baffling as the latest one for Bridey Elliott’s new film, Clara’s Ghost. Is the movie—which stars Elliott, her sister (and former Saturday Night Live star) Abby, her dad (and former Saturday Night Live star) Chris, and her mom, acting newcomer Paula Niedert Elliott—a comedy? A family drama? A horror film? From the high-energy, low-context material on display, it’s damnably difficult to say. (For what it’s worth, our own Alex McLevy called it a “cracked dramedy” when he caught a glimpse of it at Cinepocalypse this year.)


It’s definitely something, though, as Paula’s character—the only non-actor in a family full of them, just one of many nods the movie makes to the real-world Elliott clan, who filmed Clara’s Ghost in their actual home—either starts cracking, or possibly seeing a ghost. Also, Haley Joel Osment is there for some reason, acting as a voice of reason, as one would expect.

Clara’s Ghost arrives in theaters and on demand in December, at which point we’ll hopefully have a better grasp on what the hell it actually is.

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