In news that has been circulating throughout the Internets, Chris Elliott's 21-year-old daughter Abby and Groundlings veteran Michaela Watkins will attempt to fill the aching estrogen void Amy Poehler's exit created by joining the cast of Saturday Night Live as featured players. The funny women will make their debuts in tomorrow's Paul Rudd-hosted episode. If you're like me this news prompted the following thoughts: 1. Chris Elliott has a daughter? 2. And she's old enough to be on Saturday Night Live? 3. And she's disconcertingly attractive, yet still resembles Chris Elliott? followed by 4. Christ, I'm old.

It should be interesting to see how these new additions fare. Somewhere, fellow Saturday Night Live progeny Eli Cleghorne and Horatioetta Sanz wait by a phone, waiting for a big call that will never arrive.