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Chris Columbus is developing an Alfred Hitchcock anthology series

(Photo: Getty Images/Express, Peter Dunne)

Despite dying over 30 years ago, iconic director Alfred Hitchcock is still finding the time to make new stuff. According to Deadline, Universal Cable Productions is developing a new anthology series called Welcome To Hitchcock that will bring “a re-imagining of classic Hitchcock tales back to the small screen.” The Deadline story doesn’t have a ton of details, but Welcome To Hitchcock will reportedly be “an inspired take” on Hitchcock’s “unique brand of storytelling,” and it will feature one Hitchcock-esque “season-long mystery or crime” every year. At the risk of spoiling every season of this show that hasn’t been made yet, that probably means we’ll be getting a lot of unexpected twist endings—or endings where the twist is that there is no twist, just to keep everybody on their toes.

Welcome To Hitchcock doesn’t seem to have a specific network attached yet, but the Deadline story says the pilot will be directed by Chris Columbus—who is also one of the producers. After Columbus, the plan is to “seek out premiere filmmakers and talent” for the rest of the show, much like how Alfred Hitchcock Presents would often feature big-name actors and directors.


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