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Just as Gotham is losing one of its main villains, a new good guy is apparently moving to town soon: Wayne Enterprises tech genius Lucius Fox. According to Deadline, Fox will be played by 12 Years A Slave‘s Chris Chalk, and he’ll make his first appearance in the penultimate episode of the show’s season. Though Lucius Fox has been a part of Batman comics for a long time, his most notable incarnation came in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movies, where he was played by Morgan Freeman. Like that version of Fox, this one will probably help design all of Batman’s wonderful toys, but since Bruce Wayne is still a kid on Gotham, he’ll probably just hang out in the background and periodically ask if anyone needs a grappling hook or bat-themed tank. Also, with Lucius Fox joining Gotham, the list of Batman characters who haven’t been acknowledged on Fox’s prequel series is getting pretty close to the bottom of the bat-barrel. Pretty soon, even that no-good mobster Matches Malone will probably make an appearance.


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