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Chris Brown's concert in Sweden "promoted" with posters featuring battered Rihanna

While Rihanna seems to be all too keen to forget Chris Brown’s punchy past, Europe isn’t going to let him slide that easily. Earlier this year, Brown’s latest record, Fortune, was tagged with “This Man Beats Women” stickers at a store in London. Now, activists in Sweden are showing their own ire by pasting up posters featuring Rihanna’s battered face all over Stockholm. The posters are very thinly veiled as advertisements for Brown’s Nov. 19 show at the Ericsson Globe, though in reality they’re part of a larger movement to pressure the concert’s organizers to call the whole thing off.

Meanwhile, as Gawker points out, Rihanna “may or may not be suffering from Stockholm Sydrome,” (zing!) as she’s both recently announced a duet with her on-again, off-again beau called “Nobodies Business” [sic] and told Bravo’s Andy Cohen that Brown is “pretty dope.”


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