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Chris Brown resists suggestion he needs more counseling by throwing a rock through his mom's car window

Much as Jesus himself suffered from daddy issues, the Christ-like trials of Chris Brown also include an uneasy relationship with his mother, Joyce Hawkins, who—despite being his loudest supporter on Twitter, where she tweets under the handle “MomBreezy” and delusions of varying magnitude—sometimes says things Chris Brown doesn’t want to hear, like everyone else who’s out to destroy him. For example, Hawkins recently told her son that perhaps he should extend his stay in rehab, which he’d voluntarily entered “to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior,” presumably by being told about it for the first time ever.

But Brown was unconvinced he needed more time to come to terms with his tendency toward destructiveness and childish petulance, so he threw a rock through his mom’s car window. To Brown’s credit, this showed considerable progress from that time he expressed his anger at Good Morning America by throwing a chair through an office window, suggesting Brown is significantly trying to cut down on the size of windows and the objects he’s using to break them. But the rehab facility apparently disagreed, expelling Brown immediately.


As with every single thing Chris Brown does, this incident immediately became folded into his overall legal tangle, as a judge ordered him to serve 90 days in another rehab facility—this time specifically for issues with anger management. During those three months, Brown will have to submit to drug testing, perform at least 24 hours of community service per week (the real kind, not the kind based on pure faith), and, if possible, refrain from throwing anything through windows.

Meanwhile, Brown may still face a probation violation—and thus, threats of jail time he won’t actually get again—over his most recent assault allegation, but at least his mom has already forgiven him, tweeting, “MY ANGEL WITH BROKEN WINGS GOD LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I DO AS WELL.” It is hoped that Brown’s wings can be healed by such continued, unconditional love, as well as by not smashing them into things, like other people’s property and faces.

[via Gawker]

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