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Chris Brown maybe got a tattoo of a battered Rihanna on his neck

Seemingly unaware that maybe it’s not the best idea, Chris Brown got himself a tattoo of what maybe could be a battered woman on his goddamn neck. Though “sources close to” the singer deny the woman is Rihanna, ("It's just a random woman," they tell TMZ), the Internet is calling shenanigans, saying that the sketchy dame with the black eye and what appear to be stitches on her lips shares the “Umbrella” singer’s facial structure, and bears a notable resemblance to the infamous police photo from when Brown beat her up back in 2009.

While head-on pictures of the tattoo show that maybe the face isn’t that of a battered woman—Maybe she just has flowers on her face? Maybe she’s a zombie?—let’s just go ahead and assume that’s what it is, because Chris Brown would do something like that, wouldn’t he?


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