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Chris Brown may quit music because he's tired of having to be Chris Brown

The world might not have Chris Brown’s music to kick around anymore. Brown says his next album, X, will probably be his last, so “don’t worry mainstream America.” The singer called the waaambulance on Twitter earlier today by musing that, while “being famous is amazing when it’s for ur music and talent,” he’s “tired of being famous for a mistake [he] made when [he] was 18,” saying he’s “cool & over it!”

While Brown’s probably just fishing among his more than 12 million Twitter followers for sympathy—something he’s kind of getting via his @ replies—if he's not kidding, the singer leaving music could be a blow for the industry, considering he’s sold millions and millions of records. Then again, Brown does have two movies coming out (2013’s Battle Of The Year: The Dream Team and 2014’s Phenom), so he could just be prepping for his inevitable transition to becoming just an actor, one who’s famous for a mistake he made when he was 18.


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