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Chris Brown is back in jail, albeit briefly, for exactly the reason you'd guess

Photo: Ser Baffo (Getty Images)

Fans of not getting violently assaulted can all breathe a little easier today, as it appears Chris Brown has again been arrested. And yes, the actual imprisonment may not have lasted long, but that’s at least a few hours he’s not loose on the streets, throwing punches and getting into standoffs with SWAT teams. Small victories.

According to the Associated Press, Brown walked offstage after performing in Tampa, Florida only to be greeted by deputies, who arrested him on an outstanding warrant for a felony battery charge from last year, when Brown briefly changed up his normal routine of attacking women to instead punch a photographer at a nightclub. The photographer, Bennie Vines Jr., had been hired by the club to take pictures during an event hosted by Brown, and Vines told police Brown attacked him while he was doing his job snapping photos. We’ll go ahead and assume the performer punched Vines because the photographer’s flashes temporarily blinded Brown while he was busy punching someone else, but that’s just speculation.


Brown posted $2,000 bail several hours later and was released from Palm Beach County Jail, a place he surprisingly hadn’t visited before in his many encounters with law enforcement. We obviously can’t say for sure whether Brown is guilty of this latest alleged attack. He did, however, throw a rock through the window of his own mother’s car after a family counseling session in which she asked him to continue getting help. We do know that.

Brown is scheduled to perform in Tampa tonight. Please do not go see him.

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