(Photo: Getty Images, Nigel Waldron)

Yesterday proved to be pretty eventful for Chris Brown, thanks to a series of events that almost seemed perfectly designed to back up everyone’s pre-existing opinion of him. For his fans, it was another example of Brown being vilified for no good reason, but for everyone else, it was exactly what you’d expect. First, the LAPD arrived at Brown’s home early in the morning after a woman accused him of pulling a gun on him. Then, while posting a series of now-deleted Instagram videos about his innocence, Brown found himself in a bit of a standoff against the Los Angeles SWAT. Eventually, the police got a warrant to search Brown’s house, and he reportedly began cooperating. Then, in the evening, Brown was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Today, Billboard is reporting that Brown was released from police custody last night after posting his $250,000 bail. He’s now scheduled to make his first court appearance on September 20. Mark Geragos, Brown’s attorney, posted a message on Twitter proclaiming his client’s innocence, along with “#TeamBreezy,” because that’s the sort of thing you do when you’re Chris Brown’s attorney.


The Los Angeles Times talked to the woman involved in the incident, a model named Baylee Curran, who says she was at Brown’s house to discuss some future project. At one point, a man was showing off diamond jewelry, and when she got close, the man started yelling at her. Then Brown allegedly pulled a gun and told her to get out, yelling “I’m sick of you girls.” Curran ran out of the house with a friend, but she had to wait outside until one of Brown’s people could return her phone. She says this man wouldn’t give her the phone until she signed a nondisclosure agreement, but she refused, and ran off after grabbing the phone.