"Chris Brown"—the ongoing performance-art piece orchestrated by some clever grad student as a commentary on the lengths the public will go to rationalize the shitty behavior of famous people—took its central thesis to another level yesterday by dressing up as a terrorist for Halloween. This latest act continues three years of experimental theatre that began when he was arrested for violently beating Rihanna, followed by scenes where he showed up to a party only weeks later wearing an "Oops" diamond necklace, tested the bounds of irony by releasing an album titled Forgiving All My Enemies and protesting the media's focus on his violent past by smashing windows at Good Morning America, then branded himself with a battered woman as a searing satire of "scarlet lettering." Most recently, "Chris Brown" reunited with Rihanna, making the circle of provocation complete.

Expanding those pointed social commentaries to a more global scale, "Chris Brown" and his associates showed up to Rihanna's Halloween party dressed as heavily armed, stereotype-toting terrorists, and posting the above image to his Instagram with the caption, "Ain't nobody fucking with my clique!!!" Thus, he made a statement about the way the Western world so willingly turns a blind and ignorant eye to its enemies overseas, as well as to huge fucking assholes like "Chris Brown."