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Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s social-media feud bleeds into pay-per-view violence

(Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

In what might not be the most sterling PR move for a man whose career is still rightly haunted by ongoing charges of domestic violence and abuse, Chris Brown has agreed to settle his social media feud with Soulja Boy in the boxing ring. As reported by The Associated Press, Brown and Soulja Boy are set to box out their feelings—which had their origins in an “incident” in which the “Crank That” rapper had the temerity to like an Instagram post by one of Brown’s exes—on pay-per-view, because nothing raises the level of discourse like TV rubberneckers paying to watch two singers flail at each other over their respective Klout scores.


The match is being organized by boxer Floyd Mayweather, who will also be training Soulja Boy for the fight. (Brown, meanwhile, is presumably already in fighting condition, based on his recent arrests, and also his ceaselessly ugly and violent approach to life.) The bout is scheduled to take place in March in Las Vegas, where it will hopefully have the decency to stay.

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