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Chris Brown and Drake are suing each other now

Lest either of them actually take full responsibility for their actions, Drake and Chris Brown are suing each other over last June’s barroom brawl. The move comes in response to another club patron, French model Romain Julien, who filed suit against the duo and the club claiming he sustained injuries—namely mental distress and “cosmetic deformity”—in the glass-strewn fight. In turn, Drake and Brown each filed papers via their respective lawyers pointing the finger at the other, each claiming that if Julien wins his suit, they shouldn’t be the one who has to pay the damages.

This is actually the third lawsuit to be spawned from the fight, but it's the first that's received a personal response from either Brown or Drake. Last year, the owners of the club where the brawl took place sued both entertainers for $16 million, claiming they lost an endorsement deal because of negative publicity. Basketball player Tony Parker also filed a $20 million suit against the club owners, saying he suffered an eye injury in the scuffle.


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