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Chris Brown album receives "This Man Beats Women" warning sticker in London

Illustration for article titled Chris Brown album receives This Man Beats Women warning sticker in London

Customers shopping at HMV stores in London are being reminded what the rest of the world already knows: Chris Brown is not a good dude. Several people have reported seeing advisory label stickers on Brown’s latest No. 1 record, Fortune, warning them not to buy the record because “This Man Beats Women.”


HMV, of course, didn’t sticker the records itself: According to Gigwise, the warnings were placed on the CDs by anti-domestic-violence activists, who are out to call attention to the fact that Brown pled guilty to felony assault in 2009 after hitting then-girlfriend Rihanna. Not that Brown himself hasn't offered plenty of reminders himself, having just this week gotten a neck tattoo of what he says is a Mexican sugar skull—but which the Internet sure looks a lot like a battered woman—just before he visited victims of domestic violence at a charity event in Los Angeles.

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