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Chris Benoit's son opens up about his childhood in this Dark Side Of The Ring exclusive

Roughly 13 years ago, acclaimed professional wrestler Chris Benoit murdered his wife, Nancy, and 7-year old son, Daniel, before hanging himself in his home gym. To this day, the why of it all remains murky, but it’s got plenty to do with grief, mental health, and CTE, all of which are unpacked with empathy and clarity in next Tuesday’s two-hour premiere of Vice TV’s wrestling docuseries, The Dark Side Of The Ring.

One of the exploration’s key figures is Benoit’s living son, David, who’s been forced to reconcile his own warm feelings towards his father and upbringing with a horrible tragedy that shocked him as much as it did the industry. In the exclusive clip above, David reflects on his relationship with Daniel, his half-brother, against footage of them wrestling in their living room as their father walks to the ring on the TV behind them. “We wanted to be tag team champions, that’s what we wanted to do,” he says. “Be the tag team champions of the world, together.”

The series’ second season will also tackle the 1999 in-ring death of Owen Hart, the vicious murder of Canadian wrestler Dino Bravo, and the inner workings of doomed tag team The Road Warriors, in addition to several other taboo topics. Watch a trailer here and watch the first part of the two-hour premiere on YouTube, where it’s currently streaming for free.


You’ll have to wait until March 24, however, for its conclusion. 

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