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Choo-choo-choose to look at this un-possibly detailed Ralph Wiggum cake

So, do you like…stuff? If so, here’s something that will really bend your Wookiee and, uh, other Ralph Wiggum references. T-shirt company Threadless holds an annual competition dubbed Threadcakes, for which enterprising bakers submit photos of cakes they’ve made that replicate Threadless T-shirt designs. Among this year’s submissions is one called “Cutout Ralph,” by appropriately named graphic designer and cake artist Kylie Mangles.

The original Cutout Ralph T-shirt for some reason depicts a half-flayed, scissors-wielding Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons. Mangles’ recreation, built from materials including red velvet cake, meringue buttercream, Rice Krispies treats, and fondant, recreates the design with startling fidelity. Mangles says it took her five days to arrive at the finished product, which she and a friend then sliced up and devoured like a pair of ghouls. In any case, the meticulously constructed, anatomically detailed Ralphcake certainly appears to be more canonical than that one time Ralph inexplicably had Nelson Muntz’ voice, or whatever might be going on with the Wiggums on modern-day Simpsons episodes.


This year’s Threadcakes contest ended November 4. Threadless says winners should be announced soon.

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