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Chloë Sevigny will play a nymphomaniac on American Horror Story

While Chloë Sevigny's Lizzie Borden miniseries is still purportedly in the works at HBO, she's close to signing on to a much more modern, more patriotic horror story—specifically American Horror Story, where Entertainment Weekly says she's in "final talks" to join the second season. Sevigny will play one of Jessica Lange's "mortal enemies," a character known as "Shelly The Nymphomaniac" that the writers created specifically for Sevigny because they are big fans and because they wanted to make it even easier for you to crack Brown Bunny jokes, apparently. Anyway, between Sevigny's nympho and Adam Levine's "sexy lover," this is certainly shaping up to be one swingin' institution for the criminally insane. Why, one might think that Ryan Murphy had some sort of fascination with creepy sex.


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