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Chloë Sevigny to return for American Horror Story: Hotel

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Ryan Murphy, presumably drowning his sorrows after Jessica Lange walked out on him, appears to be throwing himself a pity party with the casting for American Horror Story: Hotel. There’s pop star Lady Gaga, of course, to attract the paparazzi, and Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, and Wes Bentley will provide eye candy and probably strangle bellhops in their underwear. But what Ryan’s hotel soiree needs is a hostess, a veteran socialite who knows how to turn Murphy rewinding Lange’s scenes from All That Jazz over and over into the TV event of the season.

Enter Chloë Sevigny, the actress and model who fashion magazines love calling a “style icon” and has signed on for American Horror Story: Hotel in an unspecified role. Sevigny previously appeared on American Horror Story: Asylum as “Shelly The Nymphomaniac,” a role which Sevigny presumably remembers fondly and of which she will remind Murphy as he sits in the corner, moping in a party hat. “Ryan, remember when we did that scene where James Cromwell tried to rape me but I laughed at his weird penis and he cut off my legs?,” she’ll say sweetly, sitting down next to Murphy and putting one arm around the visibly depressed showrunner. “Wasn’t that fun? And then he did all those grotesque medical experiments on me until I was more monster than human? C’mon, I know you remember. There we go. There’s that smile. Now let’s go get some dip.”

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