Kid stars grow up so fast these days, which is why you have to squeeze everything you can out of an actor like Chloe Moretz before she gets all adolescent and ungainly—such as signing her up to play Emily The Strange, patron saint of Gadzooks goth girls everywhere since the early ’90s. Universal has acquired the rights from Dark Horse, who began publishing graphic novels featuring the character (originally created to sell T-shirts and other bits of emo effluvia) in 2005. Fortunately, the creators of Emily The Strange settled their long-running lawsuit with the authors of the 1978’s children’s book Nate The Great And The Lost List, which featured a remarkably similar character named Rosamond, last year, so there’s nothing standing in the way this time.

It’s yet another addition to Moretz’s already-overstuffed calendar, which includes a role in Martin Scorsese’s Hugo Cabret, the upcoming drama The Fields, and (supposedly) reprising her Hit-Girl character in a Kick-Ass sequel, all in addition to her current appearance in Let Me In. (Dear Chloe Moretz's parents: Please force her to take a year off and read some books and stuff sometime soon.)