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Despite its promising match of source material and director, the truth is Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows must battle preemptive weariness with—take your pick—vampire films, big-screen remakes of old TV shows, and the cinematic PDA between Burton and Johnny Depp. But it continues to hedge its bets by assembling an impressive ensemble cast, even in its smaller roles, as now Deadline is reporting that Chloe Moretz has joined previously announced cast members Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Eva Green, with Moretz playing the part of Carolyn Stoddard. As fans of the original show know, Carolyn—the daughter to Pfeiffer’s matriarch, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard—is a girl who never met a motorcycle-riding bad boy, werewolf, or Leviathan she didn’t fall in love with, only to inevitably watch them die. Hopefully Burton’s film will condense all of these series-long stories into one comical montage.


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