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The made-to-order burrito artists at Chipotle might soon be expanding their culinary reach, massively extending the varieties of gastrointestinal distresses they can visit upon potential customers. The company recently filed a trademark for “Better Burger,” hinting that cheap-food connoisseurs could soon be treated to the rare and unique sight of sweaty, poorly paid teenagers, serving up incompetently grilled patties of beef.

If it actually happens, Better Burger would be the third new restaurant concept the company’s put forth in the last few years; Chipotle made the move into pizza and Asian food in 2013 and 2011, respectively, with its Pizzeria Locale and ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchens. Now it’s taking on the biggest fast food market of them all, challenging the Golden Arches and the Angry Whopper with a combative, competitive name. (That, or “Better Burger” is meant to tap into, and, ultimately, surpass, the long-standing Good Burger nostalgia that resides in all our beef-clogged hearts.) In any case, there’s no word yet on how easy it’ll be to get drunk at the new restaurants, once they ultimately get built.


[via Eater]

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