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Chip, Dale, your whole damn childhood apparently coming to the DuckTales reboot

Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo (Getty Images)

Real quick, let’s get this out of the way up top: How the fuck did the universe conspire to somehow get us to write not just one, but two separate Newswire stories about Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers in the summer of 20-goddamn-19? Are we trapped in the swing of some sort of irresistible nostalgia pendulum? Is reality recurring? Have the rodents somehow expanded their time looping powers, and now we’re living like more sedentary, more cartoon-obsessed versions of Bill Murray in Chipmunk’s Day? (Honestly, it’s probably that first one.) All of which is an admittedly somewhat histrionic way of noting that—just a few short, fleeting months after news broke that The Lonely Island’s Akiva Schaffer was directing a “meta” Chip ‘N’ Dale movie for Disney—the duo has now been added to the entertainment mega-giant’s immensely popular DuckTales reboot.


And not just the rescue-minded rodents: Per an image released today by Entertainment Weekly, there are a whole bunch of old Disney Afternoon stars coming to the show, which stars David Tennant as the latest incarnation of smarter-than-the-smarties oligarch Scrooge McDuck. Looking through it, we’re also seeing Darkwing Duck (who showed up at the end of the show’s most recent run in one of its periodic doses of fanservice), Goofy, Daisy Duck, and, uh, a horse with Scrooge McDuck’s face. (We’re not sure which beloved kids’ cartoon that one’s from, but we’ll take it.) Plus old-school DuckTales characters like Bubba the caveman duck and his old pal Tootsie, and also…wait.



Image: Entertainment Weekly

Is that Kit Frickin’ Cloudkicker?

Jesus. We knew the show had included some TaleSpin references before—and hey, if you’ve never taken a minute to read about how much weirdness took place in the creation of TaleSpin, the show where Baloo from The Jungle Book is a 1940s pilot for hire who argued constantly with a character from Cheers, do yourself a favor—but still: Kit Cloudkicker might be a bridge too far for us. (That being said, if the show’s producers want to toss a couple Gargoyles into the mix to sweeten the deal here, we wouldn’t necessarily say no.)


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