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Chilean opera singer under curfew cheered after belting a song of protest from her window

Photo: Javier Torres (Getty Images)

Protests have been sweeping Chile these past few weeks, with a rise in transit fares giving way to mass demonstrations that buck against larger issues of inequality and unsustainable living costs. The government declared a state of emergency last month, and soon after imposed a curfew on Santiago that forbids citizens from leaving their homes between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. That hasn’t stopped evening protestors, however, who are making their voices heard from their windows.

Today, there emerged a clip of an opera singer belting out the 1971 song “‘El Derecho de Vivir en Paz” (translated as “The Right to Live in Peace”), the country’s preeminent song of protest. Ayleen Jovita Romero serenaded the streets of Santiago from her home and, in videos shared by her neighbor and other Santiago residents, you can see how her rendition helped unite the pent-up masses. Upon finishing, the singer i met with roaring applause and cheers.


“We are demonstrating in a peaceful manner during this curfew, all of the neighbors here are supporting the cause, singing and playing their beautiful instrument[s],” reads a translation (via Buzzfeed) of a caption shared to the singer’s Instagram. “I invite other artists to do the same in their homes, the people appreciate it and it does them well ❤️ It’s necessary.”

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