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Child's Play TV show to carry on despite movie reboot

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Earlier this week, we reported that MGM was developing a remake of classic murderous doll movie Child’s Play, with Chucky himself probably getting turned into an iPad or whatever so he’s still relevant to modern kids. Despite reports that the studio is fast-tracking that project, though, the plans for a Child’s Play TV series have not been canceled. We reported in February that original Child’s Play writer Chris Mancini was working on a small-screen take that would be a continuation of the movies’ increasingly elaborate mythology rather than some kind of reboot, and Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif was even on board to reprise his usual role.


Bloody Disgusting reached out to the team working on the TV show, which includes series producer David Kirschner, and it sounds like the news of MGM’s reboot was just as surprising to them as it was to the rest of us. They say that they’re still working on the TV show, and they’re even planning to release more Child’s Play sequels through Universal. They also indirectly confirmed that Dourif will not be providing the voice of Chucky in MGM’s remake, and that MGM has offered to give them executive producer credits on the new movie—an offer that Mancini and Kirschner have declined.

So now we have two competing projects based on Child’s Play, and since the movies have repeatedly indicated that Chucky is impossible to kill, there’s really now way for anyone to get out of this mess alive.

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