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Childrens Hospital picked up for a sixth season

Lasting much longer than our own comedy-based medical facility—THANKS, THE GOVERNMENT—Childrens Hospital has been renewed for a sixth season, Adult Swim announced today. The series will return in the summer of 2015, as well as return to its American roots after spending its fifth season on a military base in Japan, where malpractice is seen as just so much Western kitsch. In a statement, Rob Corddry said, “Fans can expect the kind of tomfoolery that endeared them to Childrens Hospital back when they were youngsters. Stuff like absurdity, flights of fancy, hard-hitting fake drama, soft-hitting fake drama, farcical door slamming, partial nudity, classical jazz, 70-yard field goals, mustache rides, backwards messages, grooming tips … the whole shebang.” Knowing this show, presumably “The Whole Shebang” is code for “group sex on a dying kid.”


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