Bolstered by the strong seventh season of Childrens Hospital, series co-creator Rob Corddry has decided to end the show on a high note. In an interview with Vulture, Corddry revealed his decision and the reasoning behind it, telling the publication that what began as a “a feeling larva that transformed into a thought caterpillar, and, to continue the metaphor, then became a decision butterfly.” After wrapping editing on the current season, Corrdry realized it was the “ultimate season of Childrens Hospital. That wasn’t the decision-maker but it certainly was a strong factor.”

Corddry also admitted that he’d considered ending the show after season five, but some behind-the-scenes changes reinvigorated his desire to make more episodes. But it looks like the erstwhile Dr. Blake Downs is now ready to hang up the stethoscope for good, as the series finale of the “live-action cartoon” has already wrapped, though the episode was not initially intended to serve as such. Corddry elaborated on the finale:

It’s hard to tell you without giving it away but I’ve always wanted to do something, since season four. I’ve been writing things that tried to explain what’s off about this world. Like, what scientific formulas could people in our world use to describe what’s wrong with the physics in the Childrens Hospital world? I’d even written a “Previously On” where it’s like, “Oh, well, you know, this hospital is built on a tear in the time whatever.”

This season I came up with this idea that uses both our Childrens Hospital world and our behind-the-scenes world and is really just a more plausible exploration of this whole reality. The very final moment was one of my favorite moments anyway, but now it really puts a bow on the show.


Co-creators David Wain and Jonathan Stern also weighed in, with the former telling Vulture that “Childrens Hospital has been a true joy from beginning to end. Seven years of screwing around in this comedic playground, experimenting, laughing, and also taking the occasional bathroom break.” And Stern said that “no TV show lasts forever, except for Law & Order: SVU, but the fun of making Childrens Hospital will stay with us for years to come. It will always live on in the Childrens Hospital of our minds… and on Pirate Bay.” Corddry did leave the door open to bringing the show back to Adult Swim in some capacity, though.