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Childrens Hospital correctly predicted what would happen at the Oscars

There were several huge surprises at the Oscars on Sunday, so it would be understandable if nobody correctly predicted every winner, who would be wearing what, and what Chris Rock would joke about in his monologue.

Except that David Wain, Rob Corddry, and Erinn Hayes totally did. Wain posted a clip of them talking about the Oscars on Saturday, one day before the Oscars, and you know that it was really filmed on Saturday because they keep saying that it’s Saturday.


As their Childrens Hospital characters, Dr. Blake Downs and Dr. Lola Spratt, Corddry and Hayes do a fairly complete “prediction” of what they think will happen at “tomorrow’s” Oscars, before Wain makes a quick cameo confirming that indeed it must be Saturday. Hopefully Wain has more prediction videos in the can that come out one day after said event.

Childrens Hospital Clip “Going to the Oscars?” from David Wain on Vimeo.

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