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Children, ready your nightmares: Del Toro's Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is coming

Guillermo Del Toro, readying to make kids everywhere leave the light on.
Photo: Amanda Edwards (WireImage via Getty Images)

It’s been going on five years now since we first reported the news that iconic children’s book series Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark might be coming to the big screen. And now, after years of “who knows if they’ll actually turn a bunch of campfire tales with the most fucked-up illustrations imaginable into a movie” uncertainty, it’s confirmed.

Yes, unlike so many cinematic dreams that fail to become reality (especially when you’re Guillermo Del Toro), it seems winning a couple Oscars helps your movies get financed a little quicker. Deadline reports the film, which will be produced by The Shape Of Water director (he’s also cowriting it with Daniel and Kevin Hageman), is moving forward with Trollhunter and The Autopsy Of Jane Doe director André Øvredal still at the helm. (Speaking of which, you should check out Jane Doe, it’s pretty good.)


It’s unclear at this point if there’s going to be an anthology structure to the movie, or if it’s just going to fold various myths and fables into a single overarching narrative. The latter seems more likely, as the plot is described as following “a group of young teens who must solve the mystery surrounding sudden and macabre deaths in their small town.” No release date has been announced, but if you want to find out when it’s coming out, just go to the back entrance of Lionsgate at midnight during a full moon and slowly intone, “Me tie dough-ty walker.”

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