Real Housekids Of Georgia (Screenshot: YouTube)

Sometimes the best reality TV stars are the ones who manage to retain all their worst personality traits from childhood well into their adult years. Let’s face it: Kids are insane, at least by grown-ups’ standards. Wildly narcissistic and often delusional, children routinely behave in ways that would get adults committed to a mental institution. They’re emotionally unstable, id-driven, and largely unable to empathize with others. Most people, ideally, outgrow these tendencies. Past a certain age, they stop throwing temper tantrums and begin to realize that other human beings have feelings, too.

But reality stars, at least the good ones, never make that leap. On the inside, they remain children forever, completely ruled by their impulses. On the outside, they’re adults who can legally consume alcohol, buy real estate, handle firearms, get married, and have children of their own. Bravo has built a TV dynasty on these wonderfully awful people with its deathless, multitiered Real Housewives franchise, including the venerable Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Now, Mashable is paying tribute to this reality dynasty with a webseries entitled Real Housekids Of Atlanta, in which memorable moments from Housewives are reenacted by actual, literal children. In this installment, for instance, two young actresses recreate the infamous scene in which Cynthia Bailey asks costar NeNe Leakes to sign a binding, one-year “friend contract.”

Bailey’s proposed contract would be creepy and off-putting at any age, but it seems marginally more plausible coming from a kid than an adult. That is, except for the part about how the contract expires if either Leakes or Bailey “is unexpectedly killed or dies.” Giving that line to a child makes it exponentially more upsetting, like something out of The Bad Seed or The Good Son. Psychological horror aside, Real Housekids can also be enjoyed simply for the surreal spectacle of watching kids mimic adult behavior, such as downing copious glasses of wine in the middle of the day. The young actress playing the role of Leakes truly throws herself into the role. The wig helps.


[via Mashable]