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Childish Gambino releases 2 sweltering new summer-themed songs

Photo: Matthew Eisman (Getty Images)

Donald Glover effectively captured the pop-cultural mood with his politically-charged single “This Is America” back in May, and now he’s back with new music for the stickiest time of the year. As Pitchfork reports, this morning Glover released two new songs under his musical pseudonym Childish Gambino, both of which can be called, in a very literal way, songs of the summer.

“Summertime Magic” is a calypso-inflected R&B love song that opens with steel drums and the line, “you feel like summertime / you took this heart of mine,” and “Feels Like Summer” slows things down a bit, both in tempo and in its lyrics. You can hear both of those below, stream them on your service of choice under the title “Summer Pack,” or wait to hear them wafting from the open window of a passing car as you doze in the grass on a hot July afternoon.

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