Someone at Glassnote Records has pissed off Donald Glover something fierce. Glover tweeted Sunday that he’s trying to get out of his deal with the label, saying that the company botched the release of his new Childish Gambino music video and blog. Glover contends that the release of “Sweatpants” “wasn’t handled correctly,” and that both he and his team “were told a lot of things were gonna happen and they were all lies.”

Glover went on to say that he wants another company—“Def Jam, Atlantic, whatever”—to buy him out of his contract, noting that Glassnote must not care about him because he’s “not loud, or outrageous, or a white girl with a big ass.” (Not that most of Glassnote’s other acts—Mumford & Sons, Chvrches, Little Green Cars, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, etc.—are any of those things either.) Glover also maintains that the label has been lying to him, claiming that after he said, “I know how the Internet works,” to his label, they “laughed on the phone and said, ‘oh really?’”


Childish Gambino is currently finishing up a number of dates on his Deep Web Tour. Between his two records, 2011’s Camp and 2013’s Because The Internet, Glover has sold around 500,000 albums for Glassnote.