Childish Gambino, the hip-hop alter-ego of Community star and comedian Donald Glover, has signed a record deal with indie label Glassnote Records, which will release his debut full-length, Camp, in November. Glover is the first hip-hop artist on Glassnote, which is best known for radio-friendly rock bands like Phoenix, Royal Bangs, and The Temper Trap, as well as making a mint off of Mumford & Sons' blockbuster Sigh No More. You might think Glover will have a hard time fitting in on the label's roster, but Glassnote president Daniel Glass begs to differ. “There’s a tremendous sense of rock ‘n’ roll about Childish Gambino, an irreverence and an authenticity,” Glass said in a statement. “He fits in with our roster because he’s alternative.”After approving that press release, Glass put on his flannel shirt and Dr. Martens, hopped on his skateboard, and rode to the nearest coffeeshop where he sat around for several hours listening to Gin Blossoms and Seven Mary Three while reading some Douglas Coupland.