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To a child’s mind, the bed of a pickup truck is one of the most magical places in the world. Not only can you experience the incredible sensation, usually reserved for people with convertibles, of being outside while in a car, but the bed itself seems like a blank canvas for all sorts of fun stuff. Why not fill it with sand and enjoy a day at the beach while traveling? Maybe a couch or recliner could fit in there, drastically increasing the novelty of going to the grocery store? The possibilities seem endless until, like so many other previously exciting aspects of the world, you grow up to realize that actually none of these ideas are at all practical and life isn’t nearly as cool as you thought.


That is, unless you’re the group of modern day Icaruses who flew way too close to the sun by turning their pickup into a moving swimming pool and paid for their hubris in a completely predictable way.

Shared on Reddit’s Idiots In Cars, the clip takes less than 10 seconds to remind viewers that some dreams aren’t meant to be fulfilled. Two guys sit in a mobile tub of tepid dude soup and receive drive through orders from McDonald’s, obviously envisioning their perfect day continuing without any problems. One of them throws an arm up to signal that the driver can start going and a second later both swimmers are tossed forward by the truck accelerating and a miniature wave splashing against the cab.


There isn’t really anything more to the clip than that. It’s basically a straightforward PSA—a regular update from the world that some things are too nice for us to have. Grow up and forget your childish hopes, the video warns us, or you, too, could be filmed horribly owning yourself in a McDonald’s drive-thru and have your humiliation uploaded to the internet for everyone to giggle at.

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