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Chicago, we've found a way to see Searching early and for free

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The emerging subgenre of the desktop thriller (see also: the Unfriended series) welcomes another entry this week with Searching, starring the always delightful John Cho as a desperate dad attempting to track down his missing daughter by going through her computer—which, in the case of pretty much everyone these days, is inextricable from her life. It’s a good one, too, compared by our own Jesse Hassenger to both the films of Alfred Hitchcock and an interactive murder-mystery game in his review.


If you live in Chicago and have been searching (sorry, couldn’t help it) for a way to see the movie before it expands on August 31, then we’ve got good news for you: Just follow this link and enter some basic information to claim an admit-two pass to a screening tomorrow, August 23, at the Roosevelt ICON theatre at 7:00 p.m. We won’t use the information to sell your organs on the deep web. We promise.

Searching opens in New York and L.A. tomorrow, with a nationwide expansion planned for next week.

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