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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Hey Chicago, as you hopefully know by now, we’re launching a comedy festival this year, the first annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival, featuring Comedy Bang! Bang! Live, Marc Maron, Tig Notaro, and Kyle Kinane. Now we’ve got a Saturday night after-show to announce, and it’s all about you, the commenter (more or less), and it’s brought to you by Disqus, the commenting system we use here at The A.V. Club.


On Saturday, June 14 at 10:30 p.m. at Schubas, we’ll take the stage to celebrate and decry the world of online commenting. There will be discussions, videos, celebrations of memes, a Q&A with members of The A.V. Club, and a special appearance by comedian Todd Barry, who will provide some commentary on choice A.V. Club comments. Meta!

Best of all, the whole thing is free, though space is limited. Just RSVP here, and we’ll be in touch with the lucky readers a week or more before the event. Want to increase your chances of getting a spot? Post a great comment below. Tell us about your favorite AVC moment or meme, or anything else that strikes your fancy. If you’re in or near Chicago, tell us why we should include you in the show. (And make sure your Disqus account is linked to an e-mail that you actually check, in case we want to find you.)

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