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Chicago, take a Lyft to our comedy fest and get a comedian for free

Hey Chicago. Did you know our third annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival is happening right here in this fair city next week? Well, it is. And if you’re planning on coming to any of our shows (and we do hope you are, they’re going to be good), then we’ve got a pretty sweet deal for you: Take a Lyft to one of our shows and get a comedian for free.

What does that mean? Well, anyone who requests a Lyft ride in the area around festival venues The Civic Opera House, Lincoln Hall, and Thalia Hall between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. next Wednesday and Thursday—so before the Tracy Morgan, Michael Che, or Chris Gethard shows, basically—will have a chance to win a ride with one of our festival comedians. Winners will be chosen at random, and will receive a free ride as well as, presumably, some laffs.


Participating comedians include: Brian Babylon, the self-proclaimed “Prince of Bronzeville,” although he doesn’t live there anymore because he lives in L.A. and works on Comedy Central’s Why? With Hannibal Buress now. So you can probably ask him about that. Then there’s Ian Abramson, another former Chicagoan who travels the country bringing stand-ups’ worst fears to life with his show “Seven Minutes In Purgatory” and appears on TV from time to time. He also draws on his mustache with a marker every morning and loves puns. Facts!

Anyway, even if you don’t get a free comedian with your ride, you can get discounts all weekend long. New passengers will receive $5 off each of their first 10 rides, and current passengers can get half off of one ride (for up to $10) between a festival venue and Virgin Hotels Chicago, where we’re hosting our after-show events. So we’ll see you then, Chicago.

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