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Chicago, stare into the glassy eyes of Annabelle Comes Home early and for free

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Where they lie on the nightmare scale compared to clowns, spiders, and those red-eyed shadow creatures that appear to people in the throes of sleep paralysis is debatable, but there’s something a little ... off ... about dolls. That’s especially true of old-fashioned dolls with dead, glassy eyes, bright red lips permanently painted on their grotesquely grimacing mouths, and frilly white outfits befitting a Victorian child ghost—you know, like Annabelle, the doll who was so fucking creepy in The Conjuring that she got her own spin-off series.


The third film in that series, Annabelle Comes Home, debuts in theaters on June 26, and we’re giving away tickets to an advance screening of the film this coming Tuesday, June 18, at the AMC River East (that’s 322 E. Illinois St.) at 7:30 PM here in The A.V. Club’s home base of Chicago. To enter to win a pass to the film, just follow this link and fill out some basic information. Just be sure to arrive early, as advance screenings are intentionally overbooked to ensure capacity—and probably to prevent the empty seats in the theater from being miraculously filled by creepy dolls who everyone swears they didn’t put there, they’d tell you if they had, they’re just as freaked out by all of this as you are and oh my god did that doll just turn around and look at me?!!

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