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Chicago, spend Halloween with some Bad Femmes at the MCA

L to R: Suspiria; Siichele; Possession; Kat Sass
Photo: Criterion Pictures/Siichele/Film Desk/TFI/Roger Morales

Hey, Chicago! Looking for something stylish and sinister to do on Halloween night? Then let us suggest a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art, where the veils between art, drag, and horror will be lifted for the evening at Bad Femme. The main attraction will be a double feature of two Euro-horror classics celebrating the nightmarish feminine: Dario Argento’s original occult ballet slasher Suspiria (1977) and Andrzej Żuławski’s Possession (1981), perhaps the most fucked up breakup movie ever made.

Chicago drag artists Siichele and Kat Sass will also be on hand to add their own brands of horror glamour to the proceedings: Siichele describes her aesthetic as “mainly inspired by 70s and 80s horror films, alongside more experimental Italian horror works,” while multi-hyphenate Kat Sass is the creator and producer of Berlin nightclub’s monthly “performance art rave” GODDESS, a showcase for female, non-binary, and trans drag performers. Kat Sass also has a queer rock band called Dame Judy that’s set to close the Austin Drag Fest in November, which is pretty cool.


Tickets to Bad Femme are $10 general admission, and $8 for students and MCA members; you can find a link to buy yours here, and RSVP and get more details on its Facebook event page.

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