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Did you know that “Keanu” means “cool breeze” in Hawaiian? You probably do, actually, that fact has been out there for a long time. Anyway, John Wick movies. We know them, we love them. They’re the closest to John Woo-style “bullet ballets” we’ve ever had in the U.S.—a trio of films from the good Mss. Wachowski that also happen to star Keanu Reeves excepted—and they rule. The world building is crazy elaborate, and the violence gloriously staged. There’s a new one coming out, Halle Berry is in it, the dog is back, we’re looking forward to it.


We’re hosting an advance screening of John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum at the AMC River East (that’s 322 E. Illinois St.) on Tuesday, May 14 at 7:30 PM. To enter to win your admit-two pass, simply follow this link and enter some basic information. Just be sure to arrive early, as advance screenings are intentionally overbooked to ensure capacity, and the competition at this one will probably be cutthroat. (Sorry. Couldn’t help it.)

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