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Chicago, you don’t have to run an elaborate scam to get tickets to see an early screening of Hustlers, Lorene Scafaria’s upcoming female-driven heist flick based on the true story of Roselyn Keo, her coworkers at the NYC strip club Scores, and the “modern day Robin Hood” hustle they ran on their more obnoxious Wall Street clients. We know it feels good to get revenge on the assholes who wantonly screw over entire populations in pursuit of a bottomless and pathological personal greed, particularly when that sweet revenge is set to a catchy Cardi B beat. But those people are not us, okay? We’re trying to give you these tickets! Seriously!


To claim your admit-two pass for an upcoming screening of Hustlers at the AMC River East (322 E. Illinois St.) on Wednesday, September 11 at 7:00 PM, simply follow this link and fill out some basic information. Just remember to arrive early, as advance screenings are intentionally overbooked to ensure capacity. 

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